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the mirror shows more than the eye can tell.

when you first cast sight of your reflection in the mirror what do you see? just your every day appearance that you’ve seen for over a decade now. however, the mirror shows much more than what the eye can tell. that same mirror that has been hung over your dresser or your bathroom sink sees the circles under your eyes from that night you stayed up crying over what that mean girl said back in high school. that mirror sees the scars that one boy gave you when you were seventeen. that mirror sees that disappointment on your face over that terrible day you had last June. that mirror has seen you every single day and has watched every stage of your life.

however, that mirror saw how big your smile was when your parents bought you those flowers at graduation. that mirror saw your rosy cheeks you had when you got your first kiss. that mirror saw those ornery eyes the night you had your first sip of wine.

so as humans why do we only focus on the negatives when we look in the mirror when theres been so many beautiful things we have’t noticed?

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